Carpet Cleaning

Summit Maintenance Co. specializes in professional carpet cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, and upholstery cleaning. Our hot water extraction in heavily soiled areas removes the dirt and detergent residues that can abrade carpet fibers and erode stain resistant finishes. Carpet cleaned by our highly-experienced crew looks cleaner, because it is cleaner. 

We use the steam cleaning method which is specified by most manufacturers as the proper maintenance. Our technicians inspect your carpet first to determine which kinds of dyes and fabric it's made of. Then we give you a professional recommendation. Our truck mounted cleaning systems are much more powerful than smaller units. This means you get cleaner carpets that dry faster. 

Our system heats the water to 200 degrees which is the maximum that carpet manufacturers recommend for the benefit of your carpet. We use a pre-spray that breaks down soil and a chemical emulsifier that lifts the dirt up without creating soap suds. Unlike rotary machines that grind dirt and soap into your carpet, ours leaves no residue in your carpet that could make it sticky and attract more dirt.

The chemicals we use are non-toxic, colorless and odorless. They're safe for your family and your pets.

Because our system is truck mounted, we don't have to bring bulky machines into your home that could damage your furniture. Our trucks supply all the water and electricity we need, so we don't run up your utility bills or make messes in your kitchen or bathroom. Our technicians move your sofa, chairs and tables to clean your entire carpet. We carry 30 different kinds of stain removers on each truck. Different stains such as blood, ink, or red wine require different chemicals to remove.