Floor Care


Summit Maintenance Company offers a variety of floor cleaning services depending on the type and texture of your floor. For example, a tile floor usually needs to be professionally stripped, thoroughly rinsed, follow-upped with a floor sealer, and a top quality floor finish. Once thoroughly dry, the floor is buffed to a high gloss shine. In case of a hardwood floor, a cool mopping followed by a paste waxing and high-speed buffing would be necessary. If you have a marble floor: floor scrubbing and special waxing and buffing would be required. 

Summit’s floor waxing services include:

- Resilient floor refinishing

- Vinyl or Linoleum floor stripping buffing and waxing

Ceramic floor stripping buffing and waxing

Concrete floor stripping buffing and waxing

Machine scrubbing and dealing of floors

- High-speed and low-speed spray or dry buffing

Stone & Marble floor cleaning, sealing, restoration

Our trained professionals use the highest quality finishing and refinishing products to ensure your floor waxing is done with quality and durability.