Window Cleaning

Our commercial window cleaning service can provide regular maintenance for your office building daily, weekly, or monthly, the choice is yours. Summit Maintenance Company will provide a professional service for your place of business at an affordable price. Our commercial window cleaning services includes the inside and outside of windows, screens, and tracks. Your office windows will sparkle with our professional window cleaning service.

Having your windows professionally cleaned at regular intervals is also an important part of protecting your investment. Neglecting your windows for extended periods of time allows environmental pollutants as well as chemicals that might be leaching from the building itself to build up on the glass. These contaminants, if allowed to remain on the windows, will eventually chemically bond with the glass causing extensive damage that is both labor-intensive and expensive to repair.

Standard Cleaning

A standard cleaning is the process of washing all glass surfaces with a brush/scrubber with a soap solution followed by its removal by a squeegee. This process is not expected to remove paint, sealants or glass stain damage.

Screen Cleaning

Screen cleaning is very important. Dirty screens will make clean windows look dirty and the next hard rain will leave dirt spots on your windows. Not only is screen cleaning important for appearance but also for your health. Dirty screens hold dust and allergens that can affect your respiratory system. We recommend cleaning your screens at least 2-3 times a year.

Some of the services we offer:

- Commercial Buildings

- Residential Homes

- Apartment Buildings

- Shopping Centers

- Pressure Washing

- Gutter Cleaning

- Year round service

We also take care of construction clean-ups, final cleans, and move-in cleans for the property manager and builders. 

Our crews are trained in all cleaning techniques and are full insured. Our customers feel safe doing business with a company that protects their interests. References and proof of insurance are available upon request.